About me:

I am in my fifties, I am married and the father of two wonderful daughters who have now left the family nest.

I have been working in the digital industry for over 30 years. I started my career in IT with the beginnings of digital imaging accompanying the emergence of Windows and the Mac. I saw the arrival of all the photo-video editing tools like Photoshop and others. I have always had a passion for these tools. 

I started photography in 2000 with landscape photos that I take during my hiking trips and travels around the globe. Photo has become a pretext to go and see unique places, especially in National Parks and the Utah desert in the West of the USA (see Travel). I don't know anymore if I go to these places for the passion of photography, or for the pleasure of being alone in the middle of nowhere... Perhaps the two are intimately linked...

I then fell in love with waterdrop photography that requires a good dose of patience in view of the random and furtive level of this exercise (see Fluigraphy). I can spend hours working on this form of art. It is an exercise that requires meticulousness and precision. I practice this photography mainly in winter when it gets dark early outside and I'm warm in my house...

There is no recipe for beautifying nature. It's just to see


I also do photoshooting sessions for your family photos, portraits and business needs. Do not hesitate to visit these pages to find out more.

Leave me a comment if you like my work. I will enjoy reading you.

Thank you